Fashionable Winter Options For Women

Womens Winter Coats Gloves Hats Scarves

Winter is coming. It's time to take the winter coats and jackets out of the closet for a cleaning. It's time to get your leather gloves, hats and scarves out and ready for service. We all want to be able to look fashionable, even when we're wearing women's winter coats. So how do you stay fashionable and warm at the same time? Well, that depends on your choice of coat.

Some women prefer classic women's winter coats, like a women's wool coat. Wool is probably the warmest choice of coat that you can make. Women's wool coats aren't necessarily inexpensive, but they are an investment made to last. Look for a quality wool coat, something made of Merino wool or another specialty wool such as camel hair or cashmere. Boiled wool is another popular type of women's wool coat. Boiled wool is extremely popular as it's very warm and not scratchy.

Perhaps you'll want a women's leather coat. Women's leather coats come in a wide range of styles and colors. As with any expensive coat you'll probably want to make sure that you purchase a classic style of women's leather coat. We'd suggest a lambskin coat as lambskin is incredibly soft and supple and get's softer with age.

If you're more sports oriented or if you want a more casual winter coat consider a women's winter jacket. There are many different companies that sell women's winter jackets. Some are more geared towards winter activities such as skiing or snowmobiling. There are some extremely fashionable women's winter jackets offered by designers like L.A.M.B., Juicy Couture and Rock & Republic.

OK, so you've chosen from the many women's winter coats offered. Now, what about women's winter hats? You really do lose a lot of heat if your head isn't covered, some say as much a 50%. So, if you have to wear a winter hat why not make it fashionable? There are many stylish hats to choose from. Designers like Eric Javits, Betmar, and Helen Kaminski have women's winter hats made of felt, wool, suede, and fur. Remember that you still need sun protection in the winter, so try to choose a winter hat with a brim.

Now, the leather gloves! To me there isn't anything like a pair of lambskin gloves lined with cashmere, that is unless they're lined with silk! Women's leather gloves are an investment. Every other year or so give them a good going over with saddle soap to moisturize them and you can wear them for years. Designer Carolina Amato has a collection of fine leather women's gloves, as does the leather glove maker, Fownes. Not only will you have to make a color choice, you'll need to decide if you want short gloves, or 4, 6 or 8 button women's leather gloves.

The next winter fashion necessity is a winter scarf. Winter scarves not only offer warmth, the offer variety and make a fashion statement. If you have an assortment of winter scarves you can make the same winter coat look different every day. You'll find luxury winter scarves from makers Hermes and Burberry. Pashmina winter scarves are extremely popular due to their softness and the wide variety of colors. Nothing dresses up a black women's wool coat quite like a shocking red pashmina scarf.