Choosing The Perfect Leather Coat

Women's Leather Coats

So you're thinking about purchasing one of the many women's leather coats available. How do you know which one to choose? Is there a difference in quality of leather? Is the high price of some women's leather coats going to be offset because you'll have it for so many years? All good questions.

If you want to purchase a trendy women's leather coat style beware. You won't get the years of wearability that you will if you choose a classically styled women's leather coat. As a leather coat is a big investment you should go for a classic style that you can wear from year to year. Make sure that you choose a coat that you'll be comfortable in. If you want the most comfortable leather coat you can find choose a lambskin coat. Lambskin is an incredibly soft and supple leather that gets softer with age.

Another thing to consider is the color. Classic colors should be considered as well as classic styling. Leather coats in lime greens, bright blues or pinks aren't something you're probably going to want to be wearing ten years from now. Choose black, blues or browns and you're guaranteed women's leather coats that will be stylish for years to come.

You'll easily find women's leather coats in the same styling as you find any other fabric or wool coat. There are leather trench coats, leather pea coats, leather blazers and leather jackets. You'll also find most leather jacket offerings in a low hip length. Fitted leather jackets are sometimes called scuba jackets by designers.

Remember that women's leather coats aren't as warm as women's wool coats. That is one thing to consider. You don't want to make your leather coat your only coat unless it fits loosely enough that you can layer underneath of it in order to keep yourself warm during the winter. If this will be your only coat try to find women's leather coats with zip-out linings.

What type of care will your leather jacket need? Well, it will need a periodic cleaning and conditioning with a leather protector. This will help keep it clean and will keep it soft. You'll need to find a good leather cleaner in your area and at least once a year you should have your leather coat professionally cleaned. If you do spill something on your leather coat hopefully you will have conditioned it enough that the spill will run off. If not blot the spill, then use a sponge that was dampened with warm water and soap and wipe it gently.

As with any purchase you make check the stitching carefully. Look for nicks or blemishes in the leather. If you purchase online make sure that you have a money back guarantee, just in case.