Stylish And Warm Women's Winter Hats

Women's Winter Hats

I hate to have to wear a hat during the winter. Only because it really does a number on my hair. I know that a lot of ladies are like me and would rather not wear women's winter hats. But sometimes a girl just has to say not this time to fashion and go the way of comfort. So, if you have to choose from the wide array of women's winter hats what would be your choice? Something crocheted? A stylish suede hat with a fur trimmed cuff? A velvet or wool beret? How about a baseball type cap that is actually shearling. Very cute. Whatever your style you'll have plenty to choose from.

Don't forget that you still need protection from the sun, even in the winter. You may want to look for women's winter hats that have nice wide brims to protect you from the sun's harmful has a nice selection of fashionable winter hats with wide brims that are nice and warm ,made of wool and rayon.

Some of these hats, such as The Chill Factor actually rolls up for ease of travel. You could easily put it into a briefcase or bag. If you do wear hats then you're probably like me. You have several different hats to choose from. I actually have a Betmar Woodsman Cap, which is adorable. It's faux shearling and comes in a wide array of colors. It's not super expensive so you can buy more than one! This is a very casual women's winter hat that I wear running to the store. This Betmar faux suede and shearling is waterproof.

How about a snow cap bucket hat? Very stylish also and comes in many colors. I have two of these, one black and one brown. I wear these snow cap bucket women's winter hats when I dress up.

More very stylish women's winter hats can be found from designers Eric Javits on the site Eric Javits has three great women's winter hats, one called Aspen, one called Vail, and one called Amie. His suede and faux fur hats are totally water repellent.

If you are looking for absolutely drop dead gorgeous women's winter hats you're going to want to check out the offerings from Helen Kaminski. These hats are by no means inexpensive, but they're undoubtedly a cut above many other offerings. Helen Kaminski uses materials like wool melange, calf suede, fur felt and boiled wool in the creations of her winter hats. Many of you have probably seen Helen Kaminski's summer/spring hat offerings. Trust me, her fall/winter hat offerings are just as spectacular.