Treat Yourself To A Pair Of Fine Italian Gloves

Women's Leather Gloves

I love leather gloves. I have several pairs. They are fabulously supple and soft Nappa leather with a pure cashmere lining. They weren't cheap, around $90 a pair, but they were definitely worth it. They are perfect to wear for a dress up occasion and they are warm. These women's leather gloves wear so well that I've a pair that's five years old and still looking beautiful.

I have two pair, a black pair and a brown pair. Don't get me wrong, one of the reasons that they have lasted so long is that I do take care of these Napa leather gloves. I'm careful not to get them wet, and when they do get wet I make sure that I let them air dry. I try to be aware and not use them to sweep the snow off the windshield and above all I try not to do anything that will stain them. I consider these women's leather dress gloves a pleasure to wear. About every other year I put them on and rub them very lightly, and I mean very lightly with saddle soap.

There are many places where you can buy fine women's leather gloves. Macy's, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom will have them. So do specialty leather suppliers like Forzieri of Italy. They have many different styles and colors of women's leather dress gloves. The colors range from black to red to lime green to sky blue and hot pink. They sell cashmere lined gloves and unlined Italian leather gloves. They also have women's leather gloves lined in mink. If you'd like you can find women's leather gloves of kidskin leather lined in silk, the ultimate luxury. Designer Carolina Amato has a collection of fine Italian leather women's gloves with silk lining.

Lux Leathers sells women's leather gloves with natural fur linings inside with classic stitching detail on the outside. Some call women's dress leather gloves "glamour" gloves. Some of these gloves are accented with calf hair insets around the cuff.

Another popular style of women's leather gloves is the leather driving gloves. Leather driving gloves were originally made to help protect the hands of convertible drivers from hot steering wheels. The ventilation holes were to keep the hands cool. Now leather driving gloves are more of a fashion statement. They are generally made of soft lambskin and are not lined as they are meant to be used in the summer.

If you live in an extremely cold climate you may want to invest in a pair of lambskin women's gloves lined with rabbit fur, or perhaps a pair of Italian cashmere lined Persian lamb cuff leather gloves.

Once you've chosen the color of women's leather glove you're interested in you'll need choose between sizes. The classic women's glove covers the writs. There are 4 button gloves, 6 button gloves, 8 button gloves and opera length gloves.

Don't forget that suede is another great fabric for women's gloves. Suede is soft and warm. We have also seen lovely 4 button shiny patent leather gloves offered from leather glove maker Fownes.