Warm, Wonderful Women's Wool Coats

Women's Wool Coats

Every woman should have at least one wool coat in her closet. Why you may ask? Because women's wool coats are made to last. A quality wool coat, one made out of a fine Merino wool or made of specialty wool fibers such as camels hair or cashmere is not inexpensive, but it will, given proper care, probably outlast you.

A wool coat will give you warmth like no other fabric will. Boiled wool is particularly popular. Boiled wool is just what is says, wool that has been knitted and then shrunk. Boiled wool is also soft and not scratchy. Boiled wool is said to be like felt and is used in many women's winter coats and jackets.

Many manufacturers of women's wool coats use Pendleton wool. Pendleton Woolen Mills are known for quality from the purchase of raw wool all the way through to the finished product.

There are many different styles of women's wool coats for your to choose from. Double breasted, polo, peacoat, trench, 3/4 length, swing coat, long coat.

You're going to be able to find women's wool coats on sale everywhere. From Walmart and Target to Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. LLBean, Eddie Bauer, J Crew, Ann Taylor, Newport News, Spiegel, Chadwicks, Talbots and many, many more.

So, if you're in the market for a wool coat what should you look for? We think you should look for comfort first, and find a coat that goes along well with the way you dress. We wouldn't suggest too long of a wool coat for everyday wear, especially if you drive. Wool coats can be heavy and bulky, especially long length women's wool coats. A good overall length for a coat is below the knee, or mid calf. Either of these women's coat lengths will go well whether you wear skirts or pants. A longer coat will also help keep you warmer as it will keep the wind and cold off of your legs.

Another thing you want to consider if you're buying women's wool coats is to buy classic styles. When you're buying any piece of clothing as an investment piece you're going to want to make sure that you can get as much wear out of it as you can. A baby blue wool coat may be lovely, but are you going to want to be wearing it in another ten years?

We have seen some beautiful women's wool coats from designers like Calvin Klein, who has a great Saucer Button Peacoat. Scooter Brown has a fashionable Houndstooth Jacket very reasonably priced at $128. We liked Kenneth Cole's Belted Wool Trench Coat. Coffee Shop has two short Trench Coats, Jones New York has a Signature Double Face Wool Blend Jacket. Guess? has a Crop Double Breasted Swing Coat.